Street Fighter 6 Brings Back Classic Costumes at No Extra Cost

Image: Capcom

Capcom has released a new trailer for Street Fighter 6 that can confirm classic costumes are in the game, and, better yet, don’t require the purchase of DLC to unlock or use. “Unlock Outfit 2 for each character during your adventures in World Tour,” Capcom explained, although players who don’t want to spend their time in the new single-player mode, which includes customizable avatars and an explorable city, still have the option of purchasing them with real money. PlayStation.Blog has also posted a write-up about some of Street Fighter 6’s new costumes, including Chun-Li’s, which took years for Capcom to get right, according to game director Takayuki Nakayama, as well as design insight about Cammy’s new look.

From a PlayStation.Blog post:

Some characters, like Chun Li, were especially challenging: “It took multiple years to land on her final design. Chun Li has been around for a long time as one of the key standout characters. And everyone’s ideal look for her is a little bit different. Because she is such a loved character, folks really have strong feelings about how Chun Li should look in a modern Street Fighter game.”

But the fighter from the Street Fighter II era whose redesign got a lot of buzz on social media was Cammy White, the blonde bombshell British brawler first introduced in Super Street Fighter II, and who has been a fan favorite for decades.

“Cammy feels that Shadaloo’s end is a new milestone that allows her to chart her own path and live a more normal life. This new look is her civilian outfit, while her old leotard is more of a battle-type outfit,” Nakayama-san explains. “When you first meet her in World Tour, she’s in London. We realized seeing her in her classic outfit might look weird in that context. So we tried to keep things like that in mind when designing the new costumes.”

The most striking change is Cammy’s hairstyle. Gone are the long braids that came with her other standard outfits, replaced with a sprightly new short trim. She’s still got those big sharp bangs, though, and they look surprisingly menacing as accents to her short haircut.

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