No Man’s Sky Developers Continue to Add Polish and Content Seven Years After Its Release

Image: Hello Games

As the topic of the current state of games at launch has been in the spotlight recently, it seems only appropriate to recognize a developer that has gone above and beyond in supporting its game that started on the wrong foot. Hello Games, No Man’s Sky developers, have been diligently working on the game since its 2016 launch. Originally the procedurally generated grand space exploration game gained a lot of interest but upon its release, it quickly was criticized for its lack of content and features previously shown at E3 and despite being a commercial success there were a lot of unhappy players.

Since then Hello Games has constantly rolled out updates providing new features, including updating the game to support the constantly evolving GPU landscape, along with adding content, and bug fixes, and releasing it on nearly every platform available. The Gamer has updated its list of “Every Expansion And What Was Added” in a very detailed post that could quickly end up out of date at the pace Hello Games rolls them out. Below is a table with included links but additionally here’s the link to No Man’s Sky release logs, which by the way, look seemingly endless.

Every No Man’s Sky Update: Release Log
FoundationPathfinderAtlas RisesNEXTThe Abyss
VisionsBeyondSynthesisLiving ShipExo Mech
CrossplayDesolationOriginsHalloween 2020Next Generation
Table: The Gamer

Hats off to another:

Another game that has gone down in history as possibly one of the worst launches in game history is Cyberpunk 2077. Despite some grandiose PR ahead of the game it too had a rough start (2020) but CD PROJEKT RED has continued its own support for the game. From adding content, bug fixes, and similarly updating the game to modern GPU features, the game while still not perfect, has gained praise from much of the gaming community. Players are anxiously awaiting its first and only paid DLC expansion, Phantom Liberty, which is hoped to arrive before the end of 2023. Perhaps the example of No Man’s Sky developers efforts will inspire others to provide similar support for their games.

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