Diablo IV Player Reaches Level 100 on Permadeath Mode Before Game’s Official Launch

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo IV doesn’t officially release until tomorrow, but two players have already managed to hit level 100, according to d4race.com, a new website that offers a ranking of the leading Diablo IV streamers on Twitch. Rob and Carn top the list at the time of this writing, and while both are impressive, Carn is probably the one who is more sleep deprived, having not only hit level 100 in Diablo IV, but having done it on Hardcore—a punishing mode where the character is permanently lost upon death. Blizzard announced last week that the first 1,000 players who reach level 100 on hardcore mode will be immortalized on a statue of Lilith, Diablo IV’s star demon. (Update: More players have now hitting the Level 100 Hardcore club, including Nugiyen, Zizaran, and Steelmage.)

Image: d4race.com

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