Doug Cockle, the Voice Actor for Geralt in CD PROJEKT RED’s The Witcher Games Has Been Diagnosed with Cancer


Doug Cockle, the voice actor who has portrayed Geralt of Rivia in all three Witcher installments, shared the sad news on social media recently. With a gruff but compassionate voice, Doug has created a definitive version of Geralt that will go down in history and has no doubt also inspired Henry Cavill’s vocal mannerisms of the famous monster slayer. Doug shared about this deeply personal medical issue in that he was diagnosed with prostate cancer during a routine and random check but treatment is going well.

I had no idea. Random check and Boom… I have full blown prostate cancer. Treatment ongoing but looking good so far. Men over 50… get a PSA test… just in case.


Both the gaming community and CD PROJEKT RED have rallied to express support for a speedy and complete recovery. Doug Cockle has lent his voice to other such notable games as Soulcalibur VI, Quantum BreakHorizon Zero Dawn, Smite, Dying Light 2: Stay Human, Terminator: Resistance, Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, and many others. Per IMDB there are over 60 games, and other projects, he’s starred in. On an interesting side note, he has even had parts in the popular series Band of Brothers and was also an extra in Captain America: The First Avenger.

The Future of Geralt of Rivia

When asked about reprising his role for the upcoming The Witcher: Remake the veteran actor, per Gamerant, said that he doesn’t know much about what is happening with it or if CD PROJEKT RED is simply planning on reusing his original lines recorded for the 2007 game. While the publisher has previously hinted that Geralt’s stories could be coming to an end, it has unveiled a number of spin-off projects. It is possible that CD PROJEKT RED could still include the monster slayer in cameos, or flashbacks so perhaps Doug’s iconic voice may yet still be utilized. In any case, fans from around the world are wishing him the best in beating this.

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