LYNK PLUS Is German Water-Cooling Manufacturer That Is Working on a Modular Water-Cooling Solution for Graphics Cards


LYNK PLUS is working on its own modular liquid cooling line of products aimed at high-end graphics card owners. While not a new concept, as noted by VideoCardz with another such product previously released by EK, the system replicates the idea that once you have a custom loop in place it can be reused for other GPUs when the user decides to upgrade to a newer model. However, an advantage is that once a user has committed to such a system as what LYNK PLUS is developing, picking parts should be an easy process.

LYNK PLUS figured what better way to promote its new LYNK+ product than to invite someone known for overclocking GPUs to test it. Famed overclocker der8auer took it for a test run and had good things to say about it in his video review.

Der8auer used an early demo version made for an AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX. Another good candidate for testing in light of power consumption and heat. It was seen holding 50C, and 75C at the junction, under load with Furmark. The LYNK+ block is made from aluminum diecast that has been CNC milled. It was paired with a 360mm radiator but a 240 mm will be available as well. The system features a quick connect solution for plugging in components. This means when a user upgrades their GPU they need only disconnect the system, removed the old card and block, install the new card with its new block (unless the old one fits), and reconnect it.

Per Wccftech:

“The radiator is interesting and two designs were showcased, a 240mm and a 360mm. Both feature the pump, reservoir, and radiator along with additional air pockets so that air cannot get trapped in the water block since it can cause adverse effects in relation to the temperatures. But what makes the LYNK+ modular is its connectors which come in a sort of quick connector design.”

A modular design also means that the user could add additional radiators, and swap out hoses for longer or shorter as needed. Unlike current-gen AIOs the pumps are external and paired with the radiators.

From the Official Page:

“Lynk+ Cooling technology is the first fully integrated stock water cooling option that is on par with custom water cooling without the hassle that comes with setting up a custom loop.

Enjoy unparalleled modularity and upgradability with a complete plug & play solution.”

Der8auer adds that he’s hoping a large manufacturer can team up with LYNK PLUS in order to bring this system into mass production for global sales.

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