Philips Announces 5120 x 2160 (5K2K) 40-Inch IPS Ultrawide 21:9 Monitor Featuring Thunderbolt 4

Image: Philips

As Philips announces this new display aimed at business users some might take notice of its features which could also provide a pleasant gaming experience. The Philips 40B1U6903CH is an interesting display that crosses over into multiple usage scenarios. With its 5120 x 2160 resolution at 40 inches which equates to 140 PPI, it’s capable of providing crisp images with its IPS panel. Factor in the 21:9 aspect ratio and 2500 R curvature, along with support for Adaptive Sync and a 75 Hz refresh rate, and the potential level for immersion in business or gaming increases.

Where it falls a little short for gaming, but still more than adequate for professional use, is for brightness and the color gamut. It is VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400 (300 cd/m²), supports HDR 10, and supports up to NTSC 113%/sRGB 134% color gamut ( DCI-P3 98% – typical). Other display features for business use include an antiglare coating and flicker-free technology along with SoftBlue (TUV Rheinland Eyesafe RPF 50) and EasyRead for eye care.

Although Philips does not state it in its press release or store page it is possible that this panel is from LG and the same in its 40WP95 UW display which had been announced in 2021 and was said to use a nano-IPS panel. Something common to both, and Philips emphasizes in its feature details, is the inclusion of Thunderbolt 4. It is obviously the optimal port for the display in order to use it to its maximum potential by allowing up to 40 Gbps of data transfer, daisy chaining (via TBT4 out), 90 W power delivery, and a 1 Gbit/s ethernet connection. Other display inputs include 2x HDMI 2.0 and 1x DP 1.4.

From Philips (via official page):

“This Philips docking monitor is one of the world’s first Thunderbolt™ 4 monitors with USB4 compliance. Compared with conventional USB-C monitors, Thunderbolt™ 4 technology provides lightning-fast 40 Gbps data transfer speeds, supplying high-resolution video, multi-stream transport for daisy chaining, up to 90 W power delivery for devices and a stable 1 Gbit/s Ethernet connection, all through a single cable. Thunderbolt™ 4 delivers a slim, reversible, one-cable USB-C docking solution to create a sleek, clutter-free desktop, greatly boosting productivity.”


Other notable features include a built-in KVM switch for connecting up to two PCs (and PIP/PBP mode), a 5MP webcam, 2x 5W speakers, and a stand that allows tilt/swivel, and height adjustment. Unfortunately for those in North America, the Philips 40B1U6903CH appears to be a Europe-only release but perhaps there’s a retailer who may ship overseas. According to the press release the price will be €1849 (~$2025) and it will be available this month.

Press Release (via TechPowerUp)

A New Way of Working

The Thunderbolt 4 docking solution is flexible and versatile; allowing data to transfer at a speed of 40 Gbps with a bidirectional bandwidth and is also compatible with previous Thunderbolt cable connections, USB, and DisplayPort. With the Philips 40B1U6903CH being equipped with this technology, it is an ideal solution for professionals looking for fast data transfer, fast (1 Gbit/s) Ethernet connection, and 90 W power delivery capability to connected devices.

Built-in 5MP Webcam for Improved Video Conferencing

Adding to the Thunderbolt 4 docking, another key asset for optimal productivity is the Philips 40B1U6903CH’s built-in 5MP webcam. Optimized for a better video experience, the built-in webcam has a noise-canceling microphone and 5MP webcam for high-quality meeting calls. The 5MP webcam also has the convenient Windows Hello certification; the advanced sensors for facial recognition log each user into all of their Windows accounts within seconds.

Visual Specs and Certifications for the Philips 40B1U6903CH

In addition to its key features, the Philips 40B1U6903CH monitor is equipped with features that make the display pleasing to the eye, literally. To avoid the potentially harmful effects of long exposure to blue light, this monitor is certified as TUV Rheinland Eyesafe RPF 50; which means that a blue light filter is always on. In addition, the monitor is designed with 178/178-degree viewing angles through IPS Technology so that the content being viewed is visible through almost every angle. Not to mention, images remain crisp on the screen with Philips 40B1U6903CH’s VESA Certified DisplayHDR 400 qualification.

Additional Features for the Philips 40B1U6903CH

Apart from its visually appealing features, the Philips 40B1U6903CH is also designed for comfort: It is equipped with a Compact Ergo Base that tilts, swivels, and adjusts to its user’s preferences. It is worth mentioning, as well, that convenience is of utmost importance for this monitor and it boasts an earphone hook for easy accessory use and stowage.

Adding on to the Philips 40B1U6903CH’s feature arsenal, the monitor is also equipped with a MultiClient Integrated KVM switch that is ideal for managing a dual PC setup simply from a keyboard and mouse. In addition, the PowerSensor feature of the Philips 40B1U6903CH saves users up to 80 percent on energy costs by reducing the screen’s brightness when the monitor is not in use.

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