EA Splinters into EA Entertainment and EA SPORTS

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Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson has announced that EA’s game studios are being split into two organizations as part of an apparent attempt to separate EA SPORTS titles from everything else that it produces. EA Entertainment, the newly named version of EA Games that may or may not be delving beyond the company’s usual forte of gaming titles, is being led by Laura Miele, having been appointed as its President, while Vince Zampella has also earned a mention, with the Respawn Entertainment CEO tasked with leading some of EA’s biggest non-sports franchises, including Star Wars and Battlefield. The new company structure was formed to empower studio leaders with “more creative ownership and financial accountability,” explained Wilson, who was paid over $19 million last year.

From an EA post:

I am excited to announce that Laura Miele has been appointed President of EA Entertainment, Technology & Central Development. She will oversee key studios, empowering them with more creative ownership, while continuing to lead central technology and development services to drive execution and operational efficiencies. Laura has a proven track record of leading creative teams at scale and delivering business results. I thank Laura for her incredible leadership and look forward to partnering with her on delivering our compelling strategy as she steps into this crucial role to drive transformational growth for the company.

As part of EA Entertainment, Vince Zampella, who has an unrivaled reputation for creating games that shape culture and build communities, will lead the world-class studios responsible for Apex Legends, our Star Wars games, and Battlefield. Samantha Ryan will remain focused on leading lifestyle franchises and blockbuster single-player experiences. Jeff Karp will continue to lead mobile, positioning us for significant growth on the world’s largest platform. In addition to focusing on the future of our globally recognized mobile games, Jeff and his team will partner with franchise leaders to build on the success of titles such as FIFA Mobile to create connected ecosystems for our players.

EA SPORTS is home to some of the most valuable properties in all of sports, with an incredible portfolio of IP, massive online communities with hundreds of millions of fans, and more global rights for more sports than anywhere else in interactive entertainment. Cam Weber has been appointed President of EA SPORTS, guiding the organization responsible for our genre-leading EA SPORTS experiences and our entire racing portfolio. With expanded business ownership, he will accelerate the teams’ ambitious growth plans, including building EA SPORTS FC and our American football franchises into connected multi-platform ecosystems. Through Cam’s unparalleled leadership, our EA SPORTS teams are already the best in the business, and we are positioned to lead the future of sports fandom.

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