GALAX HOF Extreme 50S Is a PCIe Gen5 SSD Capable of Read Speeds Up to 12.4 GB/s and 1,500K IOPS

Image: GALAX

The GALAX HOF Extreme 50S is the latest flagship NVMe SSD offering featuring lighting fast read/write speeds of up to 12.4/11.8 GB/s and 1,500K IOPS (read and write). Galax unveiled the new drive on its Weibo page with further details provided by ITHome (via VideoCardz). The GALAX HOF Extreme 50S is the upgraded follow-up to the HOF EXTREME 50 Gen5 SSD which had been launched last year and was about twenty-five percent slower.

This extremely fast drive includes a very sleek-looking silver-plated metal cover with a cooling fan that is powered by a 4-pin connector combined with a large area full-copper heatsink. Thermal pads are attached to the SSD’s casing and bottom for further heat dissipation. The GALAX HOF Extreme 50S uses 232-layer NAND flash memory with Phison’s PCIe 5.0 master PS5026-E26 controller and is equipped with an LPDDR4/DDR4 cache memory. It will be available in 2 TB and 4 TB storage capacities. Pricing and availability have not yet been announced.

Image: GALAX

A quiet and slow return to North America

GALAX was formerly known in the U.S. as GALAXY (to which it still shows as on some web searches) and has largely been absent from North American markets for some time. It has, however, been making a slow comeback in recent years. During the pandemic, its official US site began listing older-gen cards that could be sourced at MSRP or near MSRP. Recently, without so much as a peep to the media, it updated its Amazon store page and is offering a number of RTX 40-series graphics cards and other products.

Image: GALAX (Amazon)

Now while the new HOF 50S drive is expected to be an ASIA-only release, at least at first, and many of GALAX’s more highly powered HOF edition cards are not listed here it is exciting to see them offering more current products. Pricing is also comparable to many other manufacturers’ similar products. It should be noted that both its website and Amazon store page are still a work in progress with some links not working but Amazon seems to be the best place to go if interested in purchasing.

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