Intel Core “i” Branding Lives On in Raptor Lake-S and Raptor Lake-HX Refresh CPUs

Image: Intel

Intel critics may have to stop complaining about the company’s “stupid” idea to drop its “i” branding for newer badges, as Intel China has published a handful of promotional materials that suggest the older stickers are here to stay—for now, at least. One chart, which was spotted by @momomo_us, indicates that the Core i7 sticker is returning for a number of Intel’s upcoming CPUs, while another is much more specific, confirming that the old “i” branding isn’t being completely abandoned but will, instead, live on via updated/refreshed Raptor Lake-S (desktop) and Raptor Lake-HX (laptop) chips. The first of these chips will supposedly be released in October, if one leaker is to be believed.

From a Bilibili post (machine translation):

Raptor Lake Refresh-K October Raptor Lake Refresh-non K November~December According to ES, this time there may be an 8P+12E specification, the model is unknown, all RPL-S Refresh continues to use the 600/700 series motherboard. Sapphire Rapids Refresh in early 2024, including W-2500 W-3500, continues to use the W790 motherboard. Meteor Lake-S is basically confirmed to be canceled, exclusive to notebooks, and will be available in 2024 Q4 as soon as possible, and Arrow Lake-S will replace it. Intel’s new process is not up to expectations, so TSMC N3 will be used, still 8P+16E, 2024 Q4~2025 Q1.

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