Final Fantasy XVI UK Retail Launch Sales Fall Short of FFXV by 74 Percent

Image: Square Enix

Final Fantasy XVI has experienced a significant drop in UK retail launch sales compared to its predecessor, Final Fantasy XV. According to GfK data for the week ending June 24, 2023, physical sales of the latest installment in the iconic franchise, which released exclusively for PlayStation 5 consoles on June 22, 2023, are down by a staggering 74 percent compared to the 2016 release of Final Fantasy XV.

That said, the new RPG from Square Enix and Creative Business Unit 3 did manage to secure the top spot on the UK retail charts despite the huge decline in physical sales, with some noting that the gaming industry has seen a substantial shift toward digital sales since the release of Final Fantasy XV. This could be a big factor to the lower physical sales numbers for Final Fantasy XVI.

Another possible reason for the difference in sales figures is the platform exclusivity of Final Fantasy XVI. The game is currently available only on PlayStation 5, whereas Final Fantasy XV was initially released on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This limited availability may have impacted the overall sales performance of the latest title, with install base being another factor.

In contrast to the current state of Final Fantasy XVI, Final Fantasy XV has been a resounding success, selling over 10 million units worldwide as of May 2022. The game is considered one of the best-selling Final Fantasy games of all time, alongside other popular titles that include Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X.

While the initial retail launch sales of Final Fantasy XVI may seem disappointing in comparison to its predecessor, it might be worth considering the growing trend of digital sales and platform exclusivity when evaluating the game’s overall performance. As more players adopt digital purchases and the game potentially expands to other platforms, it is possible that Final Fantasy XVI will see an increase in sales figures in the coming months.

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