Immortals of Aveum Will Feature 25 Spells and Over 80 Talents to Unlock

Image: Ascendant Studios

Immortals of Aveum, the all-new single-player “magic shooter” from EA, will offer players 25 spells and over 80 talents to unlock on their talent tree when it releases on Tuesday, August 22. Developer Ascendant Studios shared the news today in a blog post that outlines the chief features of the game, including Sigils, Strikes, Furies, Augments, Control Spells, and Dominion, a type of devastating spell that promises “pure annihilation.” The bulk of this is covered in a new gameplay trailer, which is available to watch in 4K.

All magic in Aveum can be distilled into three forms: Blue force magic, Red chaos magic, and Green life magic. Each is used in its own ways and functions differently. Though most Magni are only able to control one color of magic, Triarchs are able to harness all three, though they are much rarer because of that. Jak is one such Magnus, allowing him to tap into all three types of magic.

  • Red Strike Spells
    • Breachfire releases multiple wide bursts magic, Burstfire launches a cannon ball that detonates after a short distance, and Fragfire casts a single, wide burst that staggers enemies at close range (or send them soaring).
  • Blue Strike Spells
    • Shrikebolt fires long range bolts with precision, Arclight fires a beam that pierces all enemies in its path, and Javelin releases a long- range spear that you can charge up to do more damage.
  • Green Strike Spells
    • Seekershards launches volleys of small homing missiles that track targets, Stormshards fire swarms of homing projectiles ideal for run-and-gun playstyles if you’re willing to sacrifice accuracy, and Maelstrom rapidly fires a volley that become increasingly more accurate with sustained fire but slows your movement speed in the process.

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