Denuvo Plans to Prove DRM Doesn’t Impact Gaming Performance with Independent Benchmarks

Image: Irdeto

Does Denuvo’s anti-piracy tech really affect gaming performance? Gamers are about to find out, as Irdeto COO Steve Huin has told Ars Technica that his company is working on a program that will make it easier for the press to create their own, independent benchmarks by offering two versions of the game for testing—one with Denuvo, one without. According to Huin, Denuvo doesn’t actually have any performance impact on games, although there seems to be a good number of cases that suggests otherwise.

“In the case of anti-tamper, I think there is a clear statement that there is no perceptible impact on gameplay because of the way we do things,” Huin said.

To get around that mistrust, Huin said Irdeto is working on a program that would provide two nearly identical versions of a game to trusted media outlets: one with Denuvo protection and one without. After that program rolls out, hopefully sometime in the next few months, Huin hopes independent benchmarks will allow the tech press to “see for yourself that the performance is comparable, identical… and that would provide something that would hopefully be trusted by the community.”

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