Diablo IV Player Stumbles Upon Chest That Offers Infinite Loot, including Uniques

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo IV has had its fair share of stupid bugs, including an ongoing one that prevents Rogue players who use Barrage from leveling up their Glyphs after beating a Nightmare Dungeon, but it looks like not all of them are bad. Over on the r/diablo4 subreddit, one player has shared a video that can confirm some chests may bug out and inadvertently offer infinite loot to the adventurer, including what appears to be Unique items—gear with special Aspects and Affixes that usually only drop after a long, hard day of RNG. Icy Veins, a popular Diablo IV resource, warned that this video could be fake, although bugs of this nature have occurred before in the game’s beta, such as corpses that could be looted forever.

The video is a little weird with the camera constantly jittering, the focus shifting all the time making it possible that it has been edited. But it could just be a function of the phone’s focus or something similar. While it is possible that the video is fake, we have actually seen this before. Back in the first beta certain corpses could be perpetually looted, just dropping items forever. Those didn’t have quite the loot table as this particular chest, with players just getting gold and non-gear stuff. Here’s the video from the beta, as many players ran into this corpse:

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