Homelander Is Confirmed for Mortal Kombat 1, The Boys TikTok Account Says

Image: Activision

Can Sub-Zero or Scorpion beat up Homelander? Mortal Kombat fans are going to find out, as Vought International Studios, the official TikTok account for The Boys, has confirmed that “The World’s Greatest Superhero” will be featured in Mortal Kombat 1, presumably as a fully playable fighter. There’s no word yet on what Homelander’s fatalities might look like, but if the developers at NetherRealm Studios have bothered to watch the show, players can probably expect some degree of eye laser melting. The news comes only a day after Call of Duty announced Homelander, Starlight, and Black Noir for Call of Duty: Warzone’s fourth season, dubbed “Reloaded.”

The Boys: Homelander Bundle, priced at 2,400 COD Points, includes “the only man in the sky,” Homelander. He comes with an absolutely wicked “Laser Everyone” Finishing Move, as well as three Tracer Weapon Blueprints with Dismemberment:

The first is the “Bravado” Assault Rifle, the second is the Pro-Tuned “Vought Issue” Assault Rifle, and the third is the Pro-Tuned “Superiority Complex” SMG. With those powers combined, any Operator can be super-scary anywhere from close to medium range and look the part of Homelander by playing as him.

This Bundle also includes a Weapon Decal, Emblem, Loading Screen, and Weapon Charm. This Bundle is scheduled to be available on July 16.

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