Linux Hits All-Time High of 3% Desktop OS Market Share after 31 Years

Image: Linux

Linux has managed to capture over 3% of the worldwide desktop operating system market as of June 2023, according to the latest numbers from StatCounter, which show the open-source OS inching closer to competitors that include Google’s Chrome OS. According to StatCounter’s data for the current year, Linux started 2023 off with 2.91% market share, but that has since grown, albeit with some dips in between, to 3.08%. The very first version of Linux is said to have launched in August 1991, over three decades ago.

Linux 2023 Desktop OS Market Share Worldwide

  • January: 2.91%
  • February: 2.94%
  • March: 2.85%
  • April: 2.83%
  • May: 2.7%
  • June: 3.08%
Image: StatCounter

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