Xbox Announces Voice Reporting Feature: Capture and Report Inappropriate In-Game Voice Chat

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Getting cussed out by a 12-year-old on Fortnite? Xbox players can now fight back with Xbox Voice Reporting, a new safety feature that allows Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One users to capture and report inappropriate in-game voice chats. The feature is only coming to Alpha and Alpha-skip Xbox Insiders first, but according to a blog post on Xbox Wire, users will be able to capture 60-second video clips of any incidents that bother them, any of which can then be submitted for review. Microsoft notes that with the advent of Xbox Voice Reporting, all types of content reporting are now covered.

“As a woman online, I often find myself staying silent in online multiplayer to avoid abuse and harassment,” said CamicaziBoss, Xbox Ambassador. “I am excited for features like this that can help give people like me their voices back. Nobody should miss out on interaction with their fellow gamers because they are afraid to speak.”

Xbox Voice Reporting Highlights

  • Xbox’s latest safety feature allows players to capture and report inappropriate voice activity on any multiplayer game with in-game voice chat on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.
  • Players who experience or witness inappropriate verbal behavior can “capture now, report later” minimizing impact to their gameplay.
  • Xbox’s player reporting and evidence capabilities now cover all content including text, image, video, and voice, further supporting player safety.
  • The voice reporting feature will be available first to Xbox Insiders to gather feedback from the community.

Starting this week, we are releasing a new platform-wide voice reporting feature to Alpha and Alpha-skip Xbox Insiders, that gives players the option to capture and report inappropriate in-game voice chats. More specifically, this feature equips Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One players with the ability to capture a 60-second video clip of an in-game voice incident that they believe violates our Community Standards and submit it as evidence to our Xbox Safety Team for review. This feature is purpose-built to support the broadest arena of in-game interactions between players and works across thousands of games that offer in-game multiplayer voice chat, including Xbox 360 backward-compatible titles.  

Players have full control – you choose what to capture and report. Our feature is designed so that only you, the player, can initiate the capture of the last 60-seconds of gameplay activity that occurred for content moderation purposes. While this feature works similarly to how you’d capture a game video, any captured clips using the voice moderation feature are only for content moderation purposes – they will not appear in your recent captures and clips cannot be downloaded, modified, or shared. Only you have access to the clip until you submit it with your report – Xbox is not saving or uploading any voice clips without you, the player, choosing to start the reporting process.

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