Merchoid Launches Officially Licensed Starfield Apparel Collection, with Hoodies and More

Image: Bethesda Game Studios

Merchoid, the geek merchandise store, has announced that its range of officially licensed Starfield apparel is now available for purchase through its online store. The collection includes two zipper hoodies, a cap, and three t-shirts, all of which feature large logos and artwork for those who want everyone to know how much they are looking forward to Bethesda Game Studios and Todd Howard’s new game. Starfield Constellation Edition, the $288 edition of the game that comes with a Chronomark Watch, appears to be sold out already.

Starfield, Bethesda’s first new franchise in a quarter century is mere weeks away, and here at Merchoid we’re gearing up to head into space with the Starfield Monochrome Emblem Zipper Hoodie! Adding a retro flavour to what is sure to be a modern classic, embroidered and graphic details, in addition to monochrome panelling make this hoodie an essential part of gear for exploring The Settled Systems.

In addition to the Monochrome hoodie, our range also features more Starfield delights in the shape of hoodies, t-shirts and caps. We advise you to employ Vasco to keep hold of your haul for you as you explore the vast Starfield galaxy.

Image: Merchoid

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