Minisforum Teases New ITX Mini PC with Intel Raptor Lake HX55 and AMD 7045HX Series CPUs

Image: Minisforum

Minisforum has shared the first images of a new ITX Mini PC that it’s currently working on, featuring either Intel Raptor Lake HX55 or AMD 7045HX Series processors. Pricing and launch details for this new system have been reserved for a later date, but Minisforum can confirm that the system will feature a motherboard with a PCIe 5.0 x16 slot for discrete graphics cards, as well as support for SFX power supplies. Customers can opt for just the motherboard or go for the complete set, which includes a newly designed 6L case.

The all-new Minisforum ITX Mini PC is equipped with a PCIE5.0 x16 slot and discrete graphics card for seamless desktop connectivity. It also supports SFX power supply for added convenience.

Moreover, Minisforum has meticulously designed an elegant 6L case for this new member, catering to users who desire both aesthetics and functionality. Customers have the flexibility to purchase the motherboard separately or opt for the complete set, which includes both the motherboard and the ITX PC case.

While Minisforum has not yet disclosed the price and launch date, this highly anticipated product is sure to make waves in the market.

Image: Minisforum
Image: Minisforum

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