Dead by Daylight Adds Xenomorph and Ellen Ripley as Its Newest Killer and Survivor

Image: Behaviour Interactive

What’s cooler than Nicolas Cage? Alien, maybe, as Dead by Daylight has introduced the Xenomorph and Ellen Ripley as its latest Killer and Survivor. The new characters, which can be tested beginning today as part of the game’s Public Test Build on Steam, are complemented by a new map called the Nostromo Wreckage, which brings the challenge to the depths of space, while the Remote Flame Turret, a new Survivor tool, is also available to aid in the fight against one of cinema’s most iconic creatures. Dead by Daylight’s Alien collaboration will officially be available on all platforms starting August 29, 2023.

Alien has been and continues to be one of the best sci-fi stories ever told – and to be able to collaborate with 20th Century Games on bringing this story into Dead by Daylight is a privilege for all of us at Behaviour Interactive,” says Mathieu Côté, Head of Partnerships for Behaviour Interactive.

“What a gift to bring such an icon of horror into Dead by Daylight”, says Dave Richard, Creative Director for Dead by Daylight. “Its appearance is so striking, so fear-inducing in itself…but to have it in our game also delivering on horrifying surprise moments really opens the door for fun strategic gameplay. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished with this Chapter.”

“Creating the Xenomorph’s Tunnel system was very challenging as we had never created a sub- level that could only be accessible to the Killer”, explains Janick Neveu, Game Designer on Dead by Daylight. “This new mechanic grants it Map-wide mobility and definitely amps up the scare factor – which feels very connected to the original character.”

Xenomorph (Killer)

The Xenomorph is the embodiment of the stealth Killer – quick and powerful, it can strike Survivors with its razor-sharp tail. The Xenomorph’s Power, called Runner Mode, allows the Killer to walk on four legs and become stealthier, reducing its Terror Radius considerably. An icon of the horror and science fiction realm, it is the perfect deadly killer: surprising even the most resourceful Survivors and forcing them to “sign off”…

The Xenomorph’s arrival also introduces a new interactive Map function: Control Stations. Seven Control Stations are scattered across the Map. Survivors can interact with these stations to get a new Tool, the Remote Flame Turret, while the Xenomorph can enter and exit the tunnels underneath the Control Station.

Ellen Ripley (Survivor)

As the sole survivor of the Nostromo, Ellen Ripley is strong-willed, level-headed, and determined. Having overcome relentless threats, she is the embodiment of resilience, making her an invaluable ally to any Survivor groups. She has faced the Xenomorph before and is now in the Entity’s hands. Her fate in this hostile place is still undecided – but there is hope.

Nostromo Wreckage (New Map)

Surrounded by vast, overwhelming shadows, an omnipresent feeling of dread is imbued with the new Map, Nostromo Wreckage. The Entity has reconstructed the Nostromo spaceship from Ripley’s memories, so that players can stalk – or be stalked – around the derelict and nightmarish craft. Players will rediscover the iconic ship as it incorporates memorable elements from the first Alien film with some unique Dead by Daylight twists.

Remote Flame Turret (New Survivor Tool)

Dead by Daylight: Alien introduces a new Survivor tool that can be used exclusively when facing the Xenomorph. The Remote Flame Turret’s defensive attack staggers the Xenomorph and can cause its unique Power to end. This tool complexifies gameplay as it requires Survivors to strategically place the Turret and activate it at the opportune time. Players will be kept on their toes as they will need to repair the tool if it overheats, and will be forced to protect it (and themselves) from the powerful Xenomorph, which can destroy the Turret. Who will make it out alive?

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