Disney Raises Streaming Prices by Up to 27%, Plans Password-Sharing Crackdown

Image: Disney

Disney has revealed that it will be raising the prices of its streaming services on October 12. As laid out by Bloomberg, the ad-free version of Disney+ is going from $11 to $14 a month, marking a 27% increase for the flagship option, while the ad-free version of Hulu is going up to $18. Bob Iger, Disney CEO, also teased during yesterday’s earnings call that the company will be cracking down on password sharing soon. The ad-supported version of Disney+ is coming to select markets across Europe and in Canada beginning November 1, while a new ad-free Disney+ and Hulu bundle subscription will be available in the U.S. this fall.

Updated Pricing for Disney’s Streaming Services

Disney+With ads$8N.A.
No ads$14$140
HuluWith Ads$8$80
No Ads$18N.A.
ESPN+With Ads$11$110
Disney+/HuluNo Ads$20N.A.
Disney+/HuluWith Ads$10N.A.
Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+No Ads$25N.A.
Disney+/Hulu/ESPN+With Ads$15N.A

It’s the second price increase for Disney+ in less than a year — and underscores the company’s drive to make its streaming business profitable by September 2024. The lowest-priced plans, Disney+ and Hulu with ads, will remain at $8 a month.

Earlier Wednesday, Disney reported its loss from streaming narrowed by half to $512 million in the fiscal third quarter, far less than what management had forecast three months ago.

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