Logitech Plans G Pro X Superlight 2 Gaming Mouse

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Image: Logitech/WinFuture

WinFuture has learned that Logitech is planning a new professional gaming mouse called the G Pro X Superlight 2. This mouse does not appear to be in the same league as the company’s fan-favorite G502 Series, but it does offer a Hero 2 sensor (up to 32K DPI), two customizable side buttons, Lightforce hybrid switches, and up to 95 hours of battery life, according to leaked promotional images. The original Pro X normally costs $159.99.

To ensure that no shots go astray, Logitech has again installed the opto-mechanical switches called Lightforce below the mouse buttons. To make this possible for longer, Logitech has again significantly increased the battery life of the new G Pro X Superlight 2 Lightspeed.

While the running time of the previous model was already at a very high level of 70 hours with constant movement, the second-generation model now lasts even longer according to Logitech. The company promises a full 95 hours of continuous operation.

Image: Logitech/WinFuture

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