Delta Force: Hawk Ops Officially Announced with Cross-Platform Play and Three Game Modes, including Black Hawk Down

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Image: TiMi Studio Group

TiMi Studio Group has officially announced Delta Force: Hawk Ops, a reboot of the iconic first-person shooter video game series that NovaLogic originally introduced to PC gamers over two decades ago under the Voxel Space engine. The new game, which is being led by Call of Duty: Mobile and CrossFire Mobile veterans, will feature three distinct game modes, including Havoc Warfare (PvP), Hazard Operations (an extraction mode), and Black Hawk Down, a campaign mode inspired by Ridley Scott’s 2001 film. Four operators have been detailed on the official website.

“Delta Force is one of the most iconic, original games in FPS history and it will soon be time for this fantastic series to return for players on all devices – console, mobile or PC – to play,” TiMi J3 studio general manager Leo Yao said. “We believe we’ve honored the original series while creating a modern, tactical, operator-based game to be enjoyed by players worldwide, of all skill levels, for many years to come.”

Delta Force: Hawk Ops Modes

  • Campaign Mode – Black Hawk Down: This exciting new campaign mode is a return to the infamous Mogadishu battle from the movie, featuring both the movie characters and their likenesses and the officially-licensed remaster of the original Delta Force: Black Hawk Down video game.
  • Extraction Mode – Hazard Operations: Squad up and take on other teams or AI-controlled mercenaries and royal guards in the Hazard Operations, the most tactical take on the popular extraction genre to date. Random events across this massive map will keep players engaged, as well as selecting challenging PvE-focused missions as part of the experience.
  • Large-Scale PvP Mode – Havoc Warfare: Compete as part of a large team on a massive map, featuring authentic terrains and including military vehicles, tanks and helicopters in a grand war.

The new game, Delta Force: Hawk Ops, will feature cross-platform play across console, PC and mobile when it launches at a date to be shared at a later time. Players can pre-register now at, and follow @DeltaForceGame on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube to be kept informed of the game’s upcoming plans and receive a free in-game item at launch.

Gameplay will feature a strong dose of tactical combat in each mode, as players will select from four Operator classes at launch. Choose from the dominant firepower of the Assault class, showcase your superior tactics with the Engineer class, heal teammates and keep your team fighting on as a Support class or create havoc through the element of surprise as Recon class.

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