Call of Duty Reveals a Newly Designed Lara Croft

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Image: Activision

What will Lara Croft look like in the new Unreal Engine 5-powered Tomb Raider that’s currently in development at Crystal Dynamics? Activision, unexpectedly, may have provided a partial answer to that with its latest announcement for Season 05 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone, which introduces a newly designed version of the Tomb Raider protagonist with a fresh face into its growing roster of guest operators. Available as part of a new Tracer Pack, the latest Lara is complemented by three new weapons, including her signature dual pistols, as well as a new vehicle skin and more.

Lara Croft arrives as a Store Bundle Operator in Season 05 Reloaded! Experience the legendary adventurer, famous archeologist, and ultimate expert in the fields of archery, dual pistols, and other small-arms combat.

The Tracer Pack: Tomb Raider Bundle — set to be available on in September 9— includes three Weapon Blueprints: a version of the new melee weapon in the “Ice Axe,” the “Mythic Defender” SMG, and her signature “Mach-5” dual pistols based on the new sidearm coming with the Reloaded update. And yes, they are also used in her “Play for Sport” Finishing Move.

The Bundle also comes with the “Tomb Buggy” Vehicle Skin for the Chop Top, a Loading Screen, a Sticker, and an Emblem.

Image: Activision

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