Starfield Gets DLSS 2, XeSS, and FOV Mods on Its First Day of PC Access Ahead of Next Week’s Official Launch

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The wait is more or less over for many who’ve pre-ordered Bethesda’s latest game as it began unlocking for PC owners around the world yesterday. PC owners wanting more features have some options already as Starfield gets DLSS 2, XeSS, and FOV mods ahead of its official release date next week. There has been some controversy with Starfield’s AMD-specific features but the modding community has been quick in getting to work on adding features that are already known to not be included at launch, but the developers could choose to do later on down the road. Among these are other types of super-sampling options, but oddly enough an FOV option as well.

From DSOG:

“PureDark has just released a free mod for Starfield that replaces FSR 2.0 with Intel XeSS and NVIDIA DLSS 2. This is a must-have mod for everyone, and it’s good to see a free version of it available to everyone.

You can download this Starfield DLSS 2/XeSS Mod from here.”

There are some steps in setting up and enabling this mod but they are fairly straightforward. It’s pretty much download and replace DLL files, a standard practice when changing supersampling options these days, and then pressing the right keys in-game to enable it. These mods replace FSR 2.0 and there are no quality presets to pick from but it is free and gives owners of Intel/NVIDIA GPUs other options to work with. However, adjusting the render scaling ratio in-game is said to be the means to reaching the various quality levels of DLSS 2.

How to add FOV:

This is more of an old-school trick as it’s really about creating a configuration file that mods the game. Such tricks as these go back decades and can be quite useful. Per, again DSOG, users need to create a text “ini” file, add in the appropriate settings, and then drop the file in the correct folder.

“All you have to do is create a text file in your “Documents/MyGames/Starfield” folder and name it “StarfieldCustom.ini”. Inside that text file, you can then add the following commands



The above settings will give a FOV of 100. If you want a FOV of 95, you can replace these numbers with “95.000”

It is a bit odd that the developers did not include an FOV slider but perhaps one will arrive in an update very soon.

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