Halk Hogan Has Announced That a Starfield HD Reworked Project Is on Its Way Soon

Image: Halk Hogan

Starfield players wanting visual upgrades need only to wait a little longer as Halk Hogan has announced an HD reworked project is forthcoming. One thing that many players and reviewers alike have commented on with Starfield’s visuals is its mixed textures and Halk aims to fix that first. Hogan is well known within The Witcher community for their many HD Reworked projects which has garnered praise and thanks from fans of The Witcher 3. They were also a major contributor to The Witcher 3 Next Gen Edition which launched in December 2022, and are also at work on another update for it and Cyberpunk 2077 as well.

From Halk Hogan (via YouTube):

“Welcome friends!

Due to the often visible low-resolution textures, I decided to create a new HD Reworked Project for Starfield, to improve the visual experience of the game. Of course, as usual, the project focuses on achieving the highest quality of textures (and perhaps models in the future), while maintaining good performance and reasonable use of video memory. The modification is currently in an early stage of work, although the first version will be released soon. Of course, I haven’t forgotten about HDRP NextGen Edition for The Witcher 3 and HDRP 2.0 for Cyberpunk 2077, work is continuing and there will be new information soon. Thank you for your support and have a nice day!”

Starfield has become Bethesda’s best-selling game ever and shortly after its official launch this managed to have over 6 million players worldwide. All this despite criticisms for its missing PC features and debatable graphical quality. The PC community has been hard at work in quickly releasing many mods since its early access opened up last week and Halk Hogan’s announcement is the cherry on top for fans of their work and the above video does show improved texture and lighting effects.

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