Drop Releases Updated CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT Mechanical Keyboards with Major V2 Enhancements

Image: Drop

Drop, the leading community-driven e-commerce company that Corsair acquired this year, has announced that its new CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT V2 mechanical keyboards are now available for purchase on the Drop website in both barebones ($140–$190) and fully assembled ($180–$250 configurations. These are enhanced versions of the original keyboards that feature a number of improvements over their 2018 counterparts, including stabilizer upgrades, improved sound dampening, and new switch options. Customers who own the original versions of the CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT keyboards can purchase the PCBA + foam kit and Phantom Stabilizers starting at $105 to upgrade their current model.

“The new and improved CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT V2 keyboards represent a leap forward in design, performance, and functionality while preserving the cherished qualities that made their predecessors beloved by our community,” said Jef Holove, CEO, Drop. “With the addition of highly requested features such as stabilizer upgrades, new switch options, and enhanced RGB LED capabilities, we offer the community an upgraded and unparalleled typing experience that will make them fall in love with these reinvented, classic keyboards all over again.”

Drop CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT V2 Keyboard Features

  • Highly requested stabilizer upgrades: Plate-mounted Drop Phantom Stabilizers optimize the sound emitted from the large modifier keys and enhance the keyboard experience.
  • Improved sound dampening: Additional layers of premium foam throughout the keyboard, including Poron top case foam, IXPE switch foam, Poron hotswap socket foam, and bottom case Poron foam, provide superior sound and performance for a highly satisfying typing experience.
  • New switch options: Drop picked two community-favorite switch options – Gateron Yellow KS3 Linear switches or Drop Holy Panda X Clear tactile switches. The enthusiasts and users who are interested in building their own keyboard also have the option to purchase a barebones version.
  • Personalization additions: A user-friendly interface for personalization, thanks to Drop’s new Keyboard Configurator software, provides increased LED customization.
  • Lighting improvements: Integration of the STM32 chipset offers faster and easier support for the latest QMK features along with 50 new LED patterns that are easily selectable by using hot keys on the keyboard.
  • Expanded compatibility: VIA and QMK support expands compatibility options (VIAL support coming later this year).
  • New color: A new black colorway option is now available for the SHIFT V2 keyboard.

The new V2 variants of the Drop CTRL, ALT and SHIFT combine iconic, fully aluminum design with stand-out RGB lighting performance, improved features and enhanced performance, delivering an unparalleled typing experience for those seeking to elevate their desk setups.

In addition to these new features, the CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT V2 keyboards retain the same classic qualities that have made them so popular. The keyboards are constructed with the same aircraft-grade aluminum materials machined from a solid block of aluminum and manufacturing standards for a high-quality build. To take advantage of the keyboards’ exceptional RGB capabilities, the LEDs remain north-facing for users who prefer bright, shine-through keycap sets and glow brightly around the sides. The keyboards are also still multi-functional with dual USB-C ports that not only simplify cable management but also serve as a USB hub for connecting additional devices to enhance the overall functionality and versatility of the keyboards, ensuring a more seamless setup with less visual clutter.

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