Xbox Series X|S Refresh and Next-Gen Hybrid Xbox Console with ARM64, AMD Zen 6, and Navi 5 Technologies Leaked by Microsoft

Image: Microsoft/The Verge

Microsoft’s next Xbox consoles have been revealed courtesy of what a U.S. District Court has suggested was a major screw-up by one of its employees, resulting in the accidental publishing of a series of highly confidential, yet unredacted, documents earlier today to a public-facing website. According to the documents that have been archived by ResetEra, The Verge, and other sites before they were removed, Microsoft is planning to release at least three more Xbox consoles, including a Xbox Series X “Brooklin” Refresh that features a cylindrical design but lacks a disc drive (2024, $499), an Xbox Series S “Ellewood” Refresh (2024, $299) with more storage and faster Wi-Fi, and, biggest of all, a next-generation hybrid Xbox console that may feature ARM64, Zen 6, and/or Navi 5 technologies from AMD (2028). Microsoft is also planning a new Xbox Controller, “Sebile,” which features a dual-tone design, modular thumbsticks, an accelerometer, and more.

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