Intel Confirms Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake, and Panther Lake Processor Lineups Will Begin Launching in 2024 and into 2025

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The next round of processors following Meteor Lake have been revealed as Intel confirms Arrow Lake and more to begin releasing in 2024. While much of Intel’s Innovation 2023 has focused on AI the CPU manufacturer did manage to squeeze some time in revealing its processor roadmap for the next few years. Intel has been hard at work in developing its next generations, a number of which have been in the news over the last year but more details have been provided about the next three generations, Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake, and now Panther Lake.

Image: Intel

The first follow up to Meteor Lake will be Arrow Lake which will use Intel’s 20A process. They will launch in 2024 and both will use the new LGA 1851 socket and 800 series motherboards. Arrow Lake is said to have further improvements such Gate all around (GAA) aka RibbonFET and Backside Power Delivery (BSPD) aka PowerVia technologies. Both processors, and the 800 series motherboards will support PCIe 5.0 and DDR5. The LGA 1851 socket will be supported until 2026. Arrow lake is also expected to have variants in the mobile market.

Per Igor’s Lab (machine translated):

“The LGA 1851 socket is expected to be supported until 2026 and will only support DDR5 memory. The first motherboards with the LGA 1851 socket will be from the 800 series and will support up to DDR5-6400 memory. The Arrow Lake-S CPU family will be the first to offer desktop support for the LGA 1851 socket. Arrow Lake-S CPUs feature 3MB of L2 cache per P-core, updated Alchemist iGPUs, integrated LLC “Adamantine” for GPU Tile and will be available in 8 16, 8 0 and 6 8 CPU SKUs. The Arrow Lake CPUs will be launched in H2 2024.”

Per ComputerBase (machine translated):

“With Arrow Lake, Intel is continuing exactly the path that it has now taken with Meteor Lake. The design of the processor with different tiles for CPU, GPU, SoC and I/O allows Intel to initially cook up the new production on a low heat. Because Meteor Lake’s CPU tile is the only one made in Intel 4, Arrow Lake is likely to be the same. The small CPU tile therefore has a lot of room for improvement in terms of yield, despite the innovations such as Gate all around (GAA) and Backside Power Delivery (BSPD) , or as Intel calls its slightly adapted variants, RibbonFET and PowerVia.”

Lunar Lake

Next up is Lunar Lake mobile CPU which is based on a brand new architecture using a sub 20A process, but some versions are said to be built using the 18A process as well, which is expected sometime in 2024. It will use Xe2 “Battlemage” as its graphics solution which should provide a significant improvement over the current Alchemist line. This combined with a low-power draw of 15W make Lunar Lake a competitor for Apple’s M-class processors. Intel is expect to offer variations of the Lunar Lake lineup for different applications.

Per Igor’s Lab (machine translated):

“Intel plans to launch new low-power mobile CPUs for the 15W segment with the Lunar Lake family. The CPUs will be manufactured on a sub-20A node and will use a multi-tile design with external foundry nodes for various other IPs.”

Per ComputerBase (machine translated):

“Lunar Lake is now expected at the end of 2024 and Panther Lake is also very well on schedule, explained Gelsinger, and could form the first test samples in Intel 18A as early as next year.”

Panther Lake

Panther Lake was the star of the stage with its official reveal. It appears to be on track to begin production in Q1 2024 with an expected 2025 release. Panther Lake will use Intel’s 18A process and is said to feature Cougar Cove P-Cores with an Xe3 graphics solution (codenamed Celestial). It is also said to use the same LGA-1851 socket as Meteor Lake and Lunar Lake thus making the new socket even more promising with three generations of CPUs available to it. Not many other details for Panther Lake were revealed other than that it too, like Lunar Lake, will feature both desktop and mobile variants.

As Intel Confirms Arrow Lake and its successors it becomes evident that consumers should expect a swath of new CPU offerings, both in the mobile and desktop markets, from Intel come 2024.

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