Intel Meteor Lake Processors Confirmed to Only Be in Mini-PCs, All-in-One Designs, and Mobile Devices

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It has been confirmed that the upcoming Intel Meteor Lake Processors will not be offered in a traditional socketed CPU design. This news arrives after reports from last week that the 14th Gen processors, also a part of Intel’s new Ultra line of branding, would be available in both desktop and mobile versions. It had been reported, during Intel’s Innovation 2023 event, that Meteor Lake would be included along with Arrow Lake, Lunar Lake, and Panther Lake as a processor for the upcoming LGA 1851 socket. The LGA 1851 socket, and its accompanying processors are set to arrive thoughrout 2024 and 2025.

The Intel Meteor Lake Processors are set to make their first appearance, in mobile form, come December 14 but a PC World editor had been told last week by an Intel employee that a desktop version would arrive in 2024 alongside the rest of Intel’s 14th Gen Core/Raptor Lake refresh lineup. However, it had also been said in May that a desktop counterpart, called Meteor Lake-S, was already cancelled. Comuterbase has since followed up with Intel, and after three days of asking, confirmed that a socketed version of the CPU is still not in the works.

Per Computerbase (machine translated):

“Immediately after the statement, ComputerBase followed up with Intel again and refrained from reporting without more detailed information and background, as it contradicts what was always said before. The recently announced facts show that there is no need for a Meteor Lake in the classic desktop and that Intel would not provide one at all. The fact that there were samples and early plans for Meteor Lake-S with up to 6P + 16E cores at 125 watts and that these were even officially announced by Intel in 2021 does not change the fact that this was buried last year. Motherboard manufacturers were also consulted about what their plans were in this regard”

To further clarify, Meteor Lake will see a kind of desktop offering that is refered to as All-in-Ones (AiOs but not to be confused with AIOs or CPU cooling solutions) that are often housed inside display casings or other SFF designs such as mini-PCs (NUCs). These types of products often have their processors soldered onto the motherboard similar to what is done with mobile devices such as notebooks, tablets, and cell phones.

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