AMD Instinct MI300 Accelerator Should Be “Just As Fast” as NVIDIA H100, Dr. Lisa Su Says

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Does AMD’s new Instinct MI300X AI accelerator have what it takes to compete with NVIDIA’s highly performing and best-selling H100 chip? Sure it does, according to The Verge, which recently interviewed AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su about the AI revolution and competing with NVIDIA, where she told the publication that the new chip, which AMD has dubbed as “the world’s most advanced accelerator for Generative AI,” is set to deliver performance that “should be” as fast as the H100. “I view this as a 10-year cycle that we’re talking about, not how many GPUs can you get in the next two to four quarters,” Su said when she was asked about whether AMD would be disrupting its competitors in the AI chip market, as well as current challenges that include global chip shortages.

It is definitely going to be competitive from training workloads, and in the AI market, there’s no one-size-fits-all as it relates to chips. There are some that are going to be exceptional for training. There are some that are going to be exceptional for inference, and that depends on how you put it together.

What we’ve done with MI300 is we’ve built an exceptional product for inference, especially large language model inference. So when we look going forward, much of what work is done right now is companies training and deciding what their models are going to be. But going forward, we actually think inference is going to be a larger market, and that plays well into some of what we’ve designed MI300 for.

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