Diablo IV Is Coming to Steam on October 17, 2023

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Image: Blizzard

How many people are playing Diablo IV these days? Not enough, it seems, as Blizzard has announced that the newish ARPG is heading to Steam in two weeks, just four months after the game originally launched for Battle.net, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles in early June 2023. According to Diablo IV’s Steam listing, which is already live, Diablo IV will be released on Steam on Tuesday, October 17, which happens to be the same day that the game’s second season, Season of Blood, is set to launch, with new features that include additional Stash space and more, as noted in today’s developer’s update. Diablo fans on Steam can choose between a Standard, Digital Deluxe, and Ultimate Edition, the latter of which includes an accelerated Battle Pass unlock and other bonuses.

Join members of the development team along with Associate Director of Community Adam Fletcher, who will unveil the vampiric scourge that has descended on Sanctuary and the sinister power they possess. Learn what it will take to fight against this rising tide of evil and harness the power of their potent blood for your own means.

The Developer Update livestream also details many quality-of-life updates arriving throughout Season 2. The team will talk about community requested features such as additional Stash space and functionality, improvements to Dungeons, Mounts, and much more.

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