Blizzard Sparks Outrage by Locking Lilith and Inarius Diablo IV Skins Behind $39.99 Overwatch 2 Battle Pass Bundle

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Want to play as Lilith or Inarius in Overwatch 2? Prepare those wallets, as Blizzard has revealed that these special and highly anticipated skins, which swap Moira and Pharah with two of Diablo IV’s most popular characters, will only be available as part of a new Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle for Season 7 that costs $39.99. Overwatch 2 fans do not seem to be very happy, with one thread on r/Overwatch, titled “Go f**k yourself Blizzard,” having reached nearly 2,300 comments at the time of this writing, while those on X can’t seem to cope either, throwing around similar expletives. Rise of Darkness, Overwatch 2’s seventh season, is now ongoing.

Overwatch 2 – Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle: Season Seven Contents

  • Premium Battle Pass + 20 Tiers
  • Lilith Moira and Inarius Pharah Legendary Skins
  • Pumpkin Bastion Epic Skin
  • 2,000 Overwatch Coins
  • Other Season 7 Cosmetics (1 Highlight Intro, 2 Sprays)

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