Diablo IV Is Selling a Horse Mount Add-On for $64.99

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…do you guys not have phones money?

Blizzard has introduced a new wave of cosmetics for Diablo IV as part of its second season, Season of Blood, and with it comes a new add-on that includes a new horse and mount armor for players to ride around Sanctuary on—albeit for a premium price.

“Father’s Judgement,” as the add-on is called, happens to cost $64.99, a price that would make the cosmetic almost as expensive as the standard version of Diablo IV, not to mention more recent releases that can be found on Battle.net, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.

Some Diablo IV players have suggested that this is no big deal, as the add-on also includes 7,800 Platinum, an amount that would make the cosmetic closer to being a freebie, although critics, of course, aren’t satisfied with this excuse, with some pointing out that anyone who wants the mount will need to pay the full Blizzard fee.

Similar to all the other items that Tejal is selling through the Diablo VI shop, these cosmetics cannot be unlocked or grinded for in normal gameplay. The deal also appears to be time-limited, with Blizzard noting that this can only be purchased until January 16.

Here’s the description for Father’s Judgement, which is inspired by the angel Inarius…a character that Blizzard has already…SPOILER…killed off to show off Lilith’s power.

Let those who stand with the Father of Sanctuary, take up arms in His holy name. Be bolstered by His radiance and stand fast in the face of evil with the Heaven-Sent bundle and 7800 Platinum. Father’s Judgement ends 1/16.

Bred in the Fields of Judgment below the Alabaster Monastery, attendants say the steeds are suffuse with His radiant energy.

Father’s Judgement is complemented by another set of paid add-ons called Shards of Vulcan, which comprises “Magmatic Armaments” for each class in Diablo IV. These are basically black and gold weapons for every class that mimic volcanic glass, available for $19.99. (1,800 Platinum is included.)

Diablo IV’s Season of Blood is ongoing, and thanks to a recent patch that introduces Malignant Rings, players can power their characters up again with some fan-favorite aspects that Blizzard originally introduced in the game’s first season.

No word yet on when Diablo IV might hit Game Pass.

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