Blizzard Completes Its Real-Life Blood Harvest, Unlocking the Sweepstakes for a Custom Diablo IV PC with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 and Real Human Blood

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Image: Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard followers can officially try their luck at winning what some say is one of the disgusting custom gaming PCs ever made.

Per a tweet dated yesterday, the Diablo account has confirmed that Blizzard has successfully fulfilled its Blood Harvest by collecting 666 quarts of blood as part of a real-life blood donation effort, opening up the way for Diablo IV players and other fans to try their hand at winning a water-cooled PC inspired by the latest Diablo game.

As noted in a post that Blizzard shared in October, this PC features some of the latest hardware, including NVIDIA’s flagship GPU, the GeForce RTX 4090.

Oh, and there’s a little thing called real human blood, too:

…once the grand total is reached, a sweepstakes for a custom liquid-cooled PC infused with real human blood will unlock; all players in the United States over 18 could enter to win, regardless of if they donated blood or not.

The PC will contain: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090, Intel Core i9 CPU, 64GB of DDR5 RAM, 3 TB SSD Storage, Quantum Vector GPU Waterblock. Image is for illustration purposes only. The actual prize will differ visually.

According to Blizzard’s tweet, players can enter the sweepstakes simply by liking the relevant posts on the official Diablo accounts on Twitter/X and Instagram and tagging another user, per the promotion’s official T&C page.

Blizzard’s sweepstakes for a custom liquid-cooled PC infused with real human blood ends in just a few days, so those want it will want to act quick.

In other Diablo IV news, Blizzard has announced that it will be celebrating the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday by boosting experience and Gold earned in Diablo IV by 35% from November 20, 10 a.m.–November 27, 10 a.m. PST.

Blizzard has confirmed that these bonuses will stack with other perks, meaning that it will be a great time to complete the season journey and hit level 100 for those who haven’t yet:

Lilith blesses all her children, as this bonus applies to both Seasonal and Eternal Realms, and all World Tiers. This bonus stacks, so pair it with Elixirs and the Urn of Experience to maximize your experience gains.

For those curious where to attribute this newfound boon, look for the new in-game icon beside your potion count that signifies the increased rate of earning Gold and experience. Use this boost to carve through ranks of the Battle Pass, climb to higher Levels and World Tiers with burning swiftness, and complete your Season Journey so you can confront the trials waiting for you in the Abattoir of Zir on December 5.

Additionally, Diablo IV is currently on sale as part of Blizzard’s Black Friday promotions, with all versions of the game available for 40% off.

Even select cosmetics are on sale for up to 50% off, which, presumably, are the ones that nobody has been buying.

Image: The FPS Review

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