Seasonic Announces MagFlow 120mm ARGB Seamless Interlocking Fans Which Use One Pair of Cables for Power and Control

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Image: Seasonic

Installing multiple ARGB case fans is about to get a bit easier as Seasonic has announced its MagFlow 120mm fans which can operate using just two cables. While using magnets with cooling fans to attach them to each other isn’t entirely new Seasonic has taken it a step further by engineering an intelocking system which allows one pair of PWM and ARGB cables to be attached that feeds power and enables ARGB control. So rather than having to daisychain a spider web’s worth of cables users need only to manage two when multiple fans are interlocked. In an age where many system builders are heavily focused on clean cable management, and a touch of flare with RGB, these could be the ideal solution for both when they are chained together.

Featuring a fluid dynamic bearing design these fans are made to last while operating with low vibrational noise. A 9-blade LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) fan is used for maximum effecient airflow while further reducing noise levels. Seasonic has said it plans to launch the MagFlow 120 ARGB fans in Q1 2024 with a retail price of $34.99 / 33.90 € (single) and $99.99 / 99.90 € (three-pack).

Seasonic has recently launched the non-ARGB version of its MagFlow 120mm fan, which is also available in single and three-pack kits. We have a an unboxing video and early demo that can be seen here.

Image: Seasonic

Press Release (via official site):

The Seasonic MagFlow Fan uses magnetic, pin-to-pin connectors to seamlessly inter-lock adjacent fans and to connect one power and signal cable to a fan-cluster. This unique method of installing fans simplifies system building, minimizes clutter, and optimizes cooling.

Connecting the fans directly to each other by magnets greatly reduces the number of cables needed, enhances the overall aesthetic look of the build, and significantly simplifies the assembly process.

Image: Seasonic

By using magnetic connectors to link fans together, the number of cables is reduced to the minimum. Another advantage of Daisy-chaining several fans is that they hold sturdily together during the build process and require fewer screws to mount them securely to the case.

The MagFlow Fan incorporates durable materials with fine aesthetic details. The extremely quiet and efficient Fluid Dynamic Bearing with its low vibration reduces blade deflection and has a long-life expectancy. The 9-blade design of the LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) fan further enhances rotation stability to maximize airflow, increase efficiency, and reduce noise.

Indulge in the mesmerizing glow of the MagFlow’s advanced ARGB lighting system, where each fan features 26 independent light beads that are attractively arranged on two separate light rings.


  • MagFlow 120 ARGB 1-Fan Kit: $34.99 / 33.90 €
  • MagFlow 120 ARGB 3-Fan Kit: $99.99 / 99.90 €


  • MagFlow 120 ARGB: Q1 2024.

*MSRP may vary in different geographic regions depending on local tariffs and taxes. Actual stock availability may vary depending on the geographic region. Please consult your local Sea Sonic or computer hardware reseller for more information.

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