RoboCop: Rogue City Dev Praises Price/Performance Ratio of Intel GPUs, Shows Off ED-209 Custom PC

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Image: RandomDesign

Intel may be relatively new on the discrete GPU scene, but it’s already #1 on the market when it comes to price to performance, according to Piotr Derkowski, lead programmer for RoboCop: Rogue City, who is featured in a new Behind the Game video that Intel shared for the game this week. To promote the game, Intel gave away a fully custom PC inspired by ED-209, the bi-pedal robot that falls down the stairs in the first RoboCop film.

Derkowski mentioned:

  • “[Intel Arc graphics] is the third player on the market that brings a new, quite fast graphics card, and performance-to-price, it’s like #1.”
  • “Whoever is [getting an] Intel Arc GPU is going to have a good experience playing RoboCop: Rogue City.”
  • “We didn’t find any compromises here [with XeSS], so the image in the end was as crisp as it could be. For us, it was as easy as taking XeSS and activating it in our custom Unreal Engine 5 version. This is something we always appreciate as developers.”

Teyon devs on how they teamed with Intel to optimize their game:

The ED-209 custom PC, which RandomDesign built for Nacon last year:

RandomDesign explained:

The design is based in the ED-209 robot from the original 80s movie. Most parts are printed on PLA and Resin, But many details are cast in a urethane resin as well.


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