Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Reloaded Edition Is Free to Play Courtesy of Steam until February 26

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Image: Techland/Valve

Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Reloaded Edition only just launched on Friday and Steam is letting folks try it out this weekend for free. Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Reloaded Edition sees the addition of more firearms to the game, something fans have been asking for, plus all previous content including the “Bloody Ties” DLC. There’s no better time than now to give the game a spin and experience Techland’s blockbuster sequel in all its gory glory with guns blazing. Those who decide to purchase the game, which is currently on sale for 50% off, will be able to transfer their gamesave files from their free gameplay time. This promotion ends on February 26.

Image: Techland

Per Steam:

“To kick off the launch of Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Reloaded Edition, we’re going in all guns blazing by offering a Free Weekend to everyone who wants to experience the ultimate zombie game.

Grab your free welcome pack! Get a head start in Dying Light 2 Stay Human with a collection of items which may keep you alive another day! Visit Pilgrim Outpost to find more goodies, including the Welcome Bonus and more: https://pilgrimoutpost.techlandgg.com/goodie

There’s no better time to hop into the game than now. The new edition contains all the best and past updates, the first story DLC called Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Bloody Ties, firearms, board quests, Survivor Missions and so much more! Players who start playing during the Free Weekend will get to keep all their progress after it ends. They’ll be able to carry over their save files if they later decide to buy the game, which is also currently on sale at 50% off!

Travel to humanity’s last bastion, experience a thrilling narrative of a wandering Pilgrim set on finding his long-lost sister, and discover fast-paced parkour and combat.”

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