MSI Intel and AMD Motherboards Receive Support for up to 256 GB of Memory Capacity

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Image: MSI

Both MSI Intel and AMD motherboards now officially support memory capacities of up to 256 GB, with 4 DIMMs enabling 256 GB and 2 DIMMs supporting 128 GB, MSI has announced. Updates for MSI’s Intel boards are rolling out now, while MSI’s AMD motherboards are said to have received the relevant BIOSes back in January.

MSI on the BIOS roll-out for Intel boards:

The supported platforms for this memory capacity enhancement include Intel 700 and 600 series DDR5 motherboards. Gamers looking to benefit from these enhancements will need to upgrade to the own dedicated BIOS. MSI is currently diligently working on releasing the BIOS, with the first batch already available below. The rest of the models will be released in late February and March.

Intel BIOSes include:

Image: MSI

MSI on 256 GB memory capacity support for its AMD motherboards:

…all the AM5 models now support the enhanced memory capacity, including X670, B650, and A620 motherboards. The dedicated BIOS for these motherboards were released in January 2024, meaning all the MSI AM5 motherboards are ready to handle up to 256GB of memory capacity.

A look at the new memory capacity on an AMD Ryzen 9 7900X and PRO X670-P WIFI system:

Image: MSI


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