RGB Lighting on RAM Can Cause Permanent Burn Marks on GPUs, Users Say

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Image: DefectedCat

RGB lighting, a feature that can be found on much of today’s DDR memory—particularly those marketed toward gamers—has the potential for creating burn marks on the backplates of GPUs, permanently altering their appearance, according to complaints raised over social media. This is because some of the RGB lighting hasn’t gone through proper testing and may emit UV lighting, it’s said.

Photos of RGB burn-in:

Another case:

Image: tychii93

And another:

Critics are saying:

  • “His RAM has UV lights holy sh*t”
  • “Apparently some rbg light can give off UV, especially purple lights.”
  • “what do your ram use as source of energy is it some nuclear sh*t?”
  • “Didn’t expect to find out a day where I’ll have a legitimate reason outside of ‘I don’t like Christmas lights’ to my builds being pitch black.”
  • “Exact same thing happened to my old setup. Trident RGB ram and 1080ti. When I first noticed it I thought my card was ‘overheating’.”

One user warned:

Casual reminder that purple, blue, and white LEDs, while good-looking, emit pretty significant amounts of UV radiation. Not to the point of skin cancer but to the point of not being good for many types of uncoated paint, also not that good for your eyes.

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