Xbox Series X|S Is Lagging behind Xbox 360 in Sales

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The Xbox Series X|S, Microsoft’s latest generation of Xbox consoles, is being outshined by its predecessor in the realm of sales, according to new figures shared online that show how the new hardware is now behind the Xbox 360 by as many as 0.47 million units. Microsoft discontinued the Xbox 360 in November 2016 following the release of various versions of the console, including a slim model that emerged in 2010.

Xbox worldwide numbers (February 2024):

  • Gap change in latest month: 358,964 – X360
  • Gap change over last 12 months: 4,087,073 – X360
  • Total Lead: 474,322 – X360
  • Xbox Series X|S Total Sales: 28,044,399
  • Xbox 360 Total Sales: 28,518,721

The charts:

VGChartz noted:

In the last 12 months, the Xbox 360 has outsold the Xbox Series X|S by 4.09 million units. The Xbox Series X|S is currently behind the Xbox 360 by 0.47 million units.

The Xbox Series X|S has sold 28.04 million units in 40 months, while the Xbox 360 sold 28.52 million units. Month 40 for the Xbox Series X|S is February 2024 and for the Xbox 360 is February 2009.

The Xbox 360 crossed 30 million in month 43, 40 million in month 54, and 50 million in month 62. The Xbox 360 sold 85.73 million units lifetime. The Xbox Series X|S is 57.69 million units behind lifetime Xbox 360 sales.


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