Files of the Unexplained Makes Its Netflix Debut

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From the creators of Explained, Files of the Unexplained is a docuseries that explores eight haunting encounters about…. blobs, hauntings, cold cases and disappearances. The series was produced by Vox Media Studios which marks its second premier this year with the first being season two of Full Swing.

The series dropped last week and has a 5.4/10 rating on IMDB and a furrowed eyebrow from Common Sense Media at the time of this publication. It is our understanding that one of our reviewers has a special place in his heart for the series and is pulling for a second season to be produced. Given that it is currently sitting at number 1 on Netflix’s weekly rankings, we’ll hope that it pulls through.

Files of the Unexplained Season 1 Episode List

  • Episode 1: During a 1973 fishing trip in Pascagoula, Mississippi, two men encountered an unidentified craft and were allegedly abducted. Their strange experience with otherworldly beings left them searching for answers.
  • Episode 2: The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana, attracts many visitors — and many spirits that are said to roam the historic inn on account of its disturbing past.
  • Episode 3: Known as the Yuba County Five, five men in California disappeared without a trace in 1978, leaving investigators puzzled. Why, after watching a basketball game together, did the men venture into the frigid wilderness?
  • Episode 4: For decades, members of the US military have reported unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) like the one seen in the now-infamous Gimbal video. The government silenced them — until a whistleblower in the Department of Defense came forward in 2023. 
  • Episode 5: Lake Lanier, a man-made lake in Georgia, has claimed hundreds of lives over the years and spawned countless tales of terror — leaving residents to suspect the ghosts of those who drowned there now haunt its waters. 
  • Episode 6: An active volcano in northern California, Mount Shasta is considered sacred by the Karuk people, one of the largest Indigenous tribes in the state.  The mountain is also steeped in myths, legends, and history — from the legend of Lemuria to a doomed ski lodge. 
  • Episode 7: So-called blobs that rained from the sky in Oakville, Washington, in 1994 caused illness among the town’s residents — who began to theorize about the blobs’ origins. Were these washed-up sea creatures? Or something more sinister?
  • Episode 8: A couple exploring the shores of the Salish Sea in British Columbia found shoes among the rocks before realizing they contained skeletal remains. As a number of severed feet washed ashore, investigators began to suspect foul play. 

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