Intel’s Next-Generation Gaming GPUs Expected to Release before Black Friday

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Battlemage, the codename for Intel’s next generation of Arc gaming GPUs, is expected to release no later than Friday, November 29, according to a new report that claims these GPUs will be out before Black Friday, citing industry sources. The new family follows Alchemist, which Intel launched in 2022 and currently comprises various models, including the Arc 7 Series that starts at $289.

ComputerBase reports:

  • “‘Before Black Friday’ is the goal, according to industry circles.”
  • “… Intel said at the end of 2023 that the new series would ‘hopefully’ appear before CES 2025 and thus in 2024.”
  • “At the trade fair it is now said in secret that the manufacturer is targeting autumn and definitely wants to take advantage of the strong sales season…”
  • “This fits with Intel’s already officially stated schedule: Black Friday is around five weeks before the end of the year, this year on November 29th.”

Intel’s Arc Graphics for desktops currently include:

  • Arc 7
    • A750 ($289)
    • A770 (8 GB) ($329)
    • A770 (16 GB) ($349)
  • Arc 5
    • A580 ($179)
  • Arc 3
    • A310 ($110)
    • A380 ($139)

A look at how Ghostrunner 2 runs on Intel’s GPUs with XeSS:

Intel mentioned last year:

…the Arc A750 and A770 trade blows with the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 – a popular mainstream GPU. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger called out the extreme GPU prices in his Intel Innovation Day 1 keynote, showing that the last four years have seen a nonstop upward trend in prices of mainstream GPUs. By entering the GPU space as a third player, Intel is ready to turn these tides in gamers’ favor and disrupt the market.


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