Details for Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 Is Expected to Be Revealed on April 18

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Details for Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 are expected to be unveiled by Warhorse Studios a new game reveal happening next week. What started as a rumor has now been corroborated by multiple sources confirming the sequel to the 2018 breakout hit. News regarding the second game began spreading after Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson posted that the game reveal on April 18 would in fact be for Kingdom Come Deliverance 2, a still unconfirmed title, and the same was reported by another known gaming industry leaker, Billbil-kun. Lastly, Gematsu has confirmed via its sources that a promotional video for the game was shot last week in the Czech Republic.

From punishing PCs to a smooth ride on the Nintendo Switch

Details for Kingdom Come Deliverance 2 are otherwise scarce beyond other rumors and one such detail relates to what game engine it will be using. The first game used Crytek’s CryEngine 3 and much like Crysis, it was able to punish even the most powerful GPUs for years after its release. Crytek’s engine has been updated throughout the years to incorporate modern features but still holds a minority share in the gaming industry compared to the likes of Unreal Engine 5 so there’s a small chance the developers may have switched to UE5 just as some other studios have done. However, that bit of speculation should be taken with a grain of salt since Crytek may recognize the benefits of helping to support Warhorse Studios with its ventures as Crytek continues to work on a fourth Crysis game. From licensing revenue to R&D in testing new features there’s much to be gained in having another franchise show off its engine.

Now while the first game did launch in a buggy state on PC Warhorse Studios pushed out many updates to address most of them but its visuals remained very taxing for those wanting to play it at 4K. The medieval RPG game had been released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 where load times could be nearly three minutes and was locked at 30 FPS. Very recently Saber Interactive managed to port it over to the Nintendo Switch and surprisingly, has made improvements even with the more limited hardware of Nintendo’s 2017 mobile gaming console.

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