Fallout Players Surge on Steam as Amazon Series Reveals Phone Number That Viewers Can Call for an Important Date

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Fallout, the new TV series from Amazon MGM Studios and Kilter Films based on Bethesda Game Studios’ best-selling collection of post-apocalyptic RPGs, has played a significant role toward reviving player interest in the franchise, according to new metrics from SteamDB that show a surge in players for games that include Fallout 4, Fallout 76, and Fallout New Vegas, a spin-off of the series that developer Obsidian Entertainment launched in 2010. The numbers come as Fallout watchers have discovered an Easter Egg in the show that leads to an important date, one that could reveal that release of the Fallout 3 remaster and/or other rumored projects.

Fallout’s 24-hour peaks include:

  • Fallout 4: 83,491
  • Fallout New Vegas: 19,505
  • Fallout 76: 39,455
  • Fallout 3: GOTY Edition: 6,731

A closer look at how Fallout is doing on Steam:

Image: The FPS Review

Cooper “The Ghoul” Howard (Walton Goggins) with the number that viewers can call:

Fans are speculating:

  • “33 weeks, Friday November 29 2024 wonder if something is coming?”
  • “33 weeks huh? Bet you a nickle that’s when season 2 comes…or the next game”
  • “Fallout 5 confirmed. 33 weeks from now”
  • “Btw you can text the vault tec number from the show…next season? Fo3 remake??”
  • “…they already renewed and announced [S2] before it came out…it’s too early for season 2 premier.”

Amazon on its new series:

Based on one of the greatest video game series of all time, Fallout is the story of haves and have-nots in a world in which there’s almost nothing left to have. Two-hundred years after the apocalypse, the gentle denizens of luxury fallout shelters are forced to return to the irradiated hellscape their ancestors left behind—and are shocked to discover an incredibly complex, gleefully weird, and highly violent universe waiting for them.


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