Tesla Crowned Least Expensive Car Brand to Maintain

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Image: Tesla

Tesla, the first brand that typically comes to mind when it comes to EVs, represents the top choice for customers who are interested in owning a vehicle with a lower cost of maintenance, according to a new report online that explains how four of the five least expensive car brands to maintain are American. German brands, including Audi, BMW, and Porsche, are reported to be the most expensive.

Cheapest brands to maintain over the next 10 years:

  • Tesla: $4,035
  • Buick: $4,900
  • Toyota: $4,900
  • Lincoln: $5,040
  • Ford: $5,400

On the flip side are:

Image: Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports noted in its coverage:

The comparison for fresher cars is muddied because a number of brands, including BMW and Toyota, offer free maintenance periods on new cars. And usually, cars need very little work in the first couple of years beyond an oil change and tire rotation. Nearly all new-car warranties last at least three years, and repairs, if needed, are covered. The analysis shows that costs can skyrocket when the warranty and free maintenance periods are over.


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