Atari Revives Infogrames to Acquire and Publish Non-IP Games Outside of Its Core Portfolio

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Image: Atari/Infogrames

Another game publisher is back as Atari revives Infogrames to help expand its portfolio by acquiring titles not associated with the Atari brand. Infogrames was once one of the big players in the gaming industry back in the 1980s and like so many other companies had gone through changes and fell off the map not long after the 2000s. The one-time developer and publisher has previously had ties to Atari as both collaborated on publishing a number of titles together over the decades so it makes perfect sense for Atari to bring back Infogrames as it continues to revive itself.

Image: Atari/Infogrames

For decades, Infogrames built a reputation as a publisher and developer of amazing and eclectic games, and we are excited to bring it back,

Wade Rosen, Chairman and CEO of Atari

Per Atari Newsroom:

“Infogrames’ purpose is to acquire IP and publish games, across multiple genres, that fall outside the core portfolio of IP associated with the Atari brand. Over time, the portfolio may also include some of the legacy titles first published by Infogrames. Interested developers and IP holders can reach out at “

As Atari revives Infogrames its first newly acquired title to be announced is Totally Reliable Delivery Services which was released back in 2019, and then in 2020 for PC. The title was developed by We’re Five Games and purchased from tinyBuild.

Per Atari Newsroom:

“With Totally Reliable Delivery Service, Infogrames is starting off with a strong IP that has a loyal and enthusiastic player base,” commented Geoffroy Châteauvieux, Manager of Infogrames LLC. “The Infogrames team will be able to expand upon the strong work of tinyBuild, and re-energize this high-potential franchise.”

There are sure to be updates forthcoming regarding other games and IPs that Infogrames will publish next. Aside from acquiring new titles the publisher has an extensive portfolio to draw from and, other licensing details aside, there are at least around 100 titles (per its Wiki) to pick from. Folks not familiar with Infogrames might want to take a moment to look at the list because there are sure to be some titles that may come as a surprise that the publisher has been involved with.

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