Resident Evil 1 Remake Coming in 2026, RE9 to Star Leon S. Kennedy: Report

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Resident Evil, the 1996 video game from Shinji Mikami that spearheaded the survival horror genre on Sony’s first-generation PlayStation consoles, is set to return once again in the form of a new, second remake that will presumably push the limits of modern gaming hardware, according to new rumors that claim Capcom is not only developing the title, but planning to release it in 2026. Leon S. Kennedy, the protagonist of various Resident Evil games, including RE2 and, more recently, the RE4 remake, will also be leading the next mainline installment, RE9, it’s claimed.

A translation of the latest rumors:

  • “Leon Kennedy will be the main character in the game’s introduction. The source does not know why only the game’s introduction was mentioned, as the character may change with the passage of events.”
  • “In the introduction… the region will be Southeast Asia, as Desk Golem mentioned previously, and also, as is the case with the first information, the region may change with the passage of events.”
  • “The events of the story will take place in the summer of 2025, which means that Leon’s age will be 48 years old at that time.”
  • “This information is almost certain because it is from a reliable source that our own source reported to us, but then he mentioned that he heard another piece of news but he is not sure about it, which is that Resident Evil 1 Remake will be released in 2026.”
  • “But what makes this possible? Director Masachika Kawata previously stated that it appears Capcom is preparing something for the series’ 30th anniversary, and concluded his statement by saying, ‘Details are secret.'”
  • “Note that the thirtieth anniversary will be in 2026, and according to what the source heard, the remake of the first part will be released in 2026, so perhaps this – the thing – that Capcom is preparing is the remake, especially as it is related to the anniversary.”

The original word from @PRE_Alarabiya:

A trailer for the original remake, launched in 2002 for Nintendo Gamecube:

The game that defined the survival-horror genre is back! Thrill to all the original chills and spills in this remastered update of the classic Resident Evil game. Relive an enhanced version of the game that defined the survival-horror genre and launched a franchise that has sold over 61 million copies!


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