Valve’s Next Game Is Reportedly a 6v6 Shooter Called “Deadlock,” Featuring Fast-Paced ADHD Gameplay and Steampunk Visuals

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Deadlock, a new competitive, third-person hero-based shooter that will allow six-player teams to face off on what’s been described as huge maps with abilities, tower defense mechanics, and more, is currently in development at Valve, according to new rumors shared by a Counter-Strike content creator. Information for the game, which is said to also feature “ADHD gameplay” and content inspired by titles that include 2K’s BioShock Infinite and Valve’s very own Dota 2, reportedly stems from ongoing alpha tests that include as many as 1,000 active testers.

@gabefollower reports:

  • “Deadlock. Next Valve game. Previously known as Neon Prime, Citadel. Competitive third person hero-based shooter. 6 vs 6 battling on huge map with 4 lanes. Usable abilities and items.”
  • “Tower defense mechanics. Fantasy setting mixed with steampunk. Magicians, weird creatures and robots. Fast travel using floating rails, similar to Bioshock Infinite.”
  • “Basically, fast-paced interesting ADHD gameplay. Combination of Dota 2, Team Fortress 2, Overwatch, Valorant, Smite, Orcs Must Die.”
  • “Hero design pretty much inspired by Dota universe. Main map references modern steampunk European city (little bit like Half-Life). Initially game had sci-fi elements inspired by Half-Life and Portal, but after bad feedback dev team decided to focus on fantasy.”

How some Valve fans are feeling:

Counter-Strike 2, Valve’s latest release, remains available as a free-to-play title following its launch in September 2023:

For over two decades, Counter-Strike has offered an elite competitive experience, one shaped by millions of players from across the globe. And now the next chapter in the CS story is about to begin. This is Counter-Strike 2.


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