God of War Ragnarök Could Have a 90 GB File Size on the PlayStation 4

Image: Santa Monica Studio

God of War Ragnarök is a little over a month away with its release on November 9 but its PS4 download page has been updated to indicate a godly new file size. Reports have come in stating that the PS4 page has been updated to show the game will require 90.6 GB of storage space.

God of War was released for PS4 in 2018 with a file size of roughly 45 GB and saw its main characters, Kratos and son, leave the Greek realms to start anew in Midgard. Along the way, they ended up in the midst of a new power struggle with the Norse gods. Cory Barlog, Santa Monica Studio’s creative director of video game development, has previously said that God of War Ragnarök will wrap up the new story for Kratos because the studio did not want to spend 15 years doing a trilogy. In taking that into consideration it is believed by some that this sequel is in essence two games in one due to all the story content needed to complete the saga.

Last month Sony released a short video starring Felicia Day as she and Mimir recount the events leading up to the next game.

To prepare for the upcoming release of God of War Ragnarök on November 9th, we’ve invited two of the best storytellers we know to recap the journey of Kratos and Atreus from God of War (2018): the amazing Felicia Day and the Smartest Man Alive, Mimir!

The new Myths of Midgard video is an animated storybook recounting the events of God of War (2018), with a goal of catching you up on the previous game.

It is believed that the PS5 version of the game will likely have a smaller file size due to Sony’s Kraken compression technology which can potentially reduce file sizes by up to 60%.

Source: PlayStationSize

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