Windows 10 Version 1903 Adds Variable Refresh Rate Support

The latest major update to Windows 10 comes chock full of changes as always, but there is one feature that may be of particular interest to gamers: variable refresh rate support. This option can be found in Version 1903’s Graphics Settings page.

Variable refresh rate goes a long way toward reducing stuttering and screen tearing, but the caveat with Windows 10’s implementation is that the option is limited to Windows Store apps and games. Users are also reporting the option will not appear for NVIDIA GPUs.

“Reduce screen tearing and allow for a higher framerate by enabling variable refresh rate for games that don’t natively support. You might need to restart your games for changes to take effect,” Microsoft explains. It’s worth noting that VRR option may not show up on some devices. In a forum post, users have revealed that they don’t see this option on their PCs with Nvidia GeForce graphics.


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